Volunteer Programs

We share the wisdom and value of living in harmony.

Education is complete when knowledge and experience is shared.Great is the power of education that embodies the spirit of sharing! The power to grow with others and get far rather than quickly walking by oneself!Daekyo Culture Foundation aspires to spread this power as much as possible.

Volunteer Programs

A person’s professionalism can only shine when the person knows how to grow with others and share. Daekyo Culture Foundation hopes to show youths on this land the value of sharing. We strive to help them overcome their self-centered thinking and find the joy of sharing.

That is why we plan and sponsor various volunteer activities every year and offer a small but significant hand to those in need.

Support for Multicultural Families

It holds great significance to share with multicultural families that live as integral members of the Korean society. Daekyo Culture Foundation supports the learning and mentoring of children from multicultural households. We especially give careful consideration in helping such children spread the wings of their talent without any restrictions. As these mentoring services help build healthy families, we also experience Korea’s culture of living in harmony.