2020 Daekyo Int’l 3D Symposium

for University & Graduate School Students

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Break The Frame


Undergraduate and Graduate School students(no alumni) majoring in art & design

Number of entries

approx. 10 artists or designers


3dimensional work(indoor/outdoor) Undergraduates and graduates will compete for the same category


Approx. 2.0 X 2.0 X 2.5m


wood, metal, stone, FRP, etc.

Application Process
Daekyo Eye Level International Student Sculpture Symposium How to enter
Application Period
  • May 22, 2020 ~ June 21, 2020
How to apply
  • Online entry
  1. Click popup on Daekyo Culture Foundation’s main page
  2. Click Apply
  3. 출품원서form 다운로드
  4. Complete form and upload
  5. Save
  • Completing the application form(Name of file: name_2020_application_form.pptx)
  • - Under 5 pictures of previously work of one’s own (Portfolio)
  • - 4 images (front/rear/left and right side) of the work to be crafted and exhibited
     /Graphics, sketches, pictures of a dummy allowed
  • - How to complete the application form Show more
  • ※ The submitting piece for the exhibition must be an unpublished work
     which the applicants must be able to make.
  • ※ Please do not convert into PDF file.
Announcement of
  • July 14, 2020
  • Notifications will be emailed individually and posted on the Daekyo Culture Foundation website.
Symposium && exhibition
Symposium && exhibition
Date and Location
  • Symposium : August 4 ~ August 21, CROWN HAITAI Sculpture Studio
  • Exhibition : August 28 ~ September 3, TBD
for Invited Participants
  • USD 3,000 of Scholarship (tax included)
  • USD 3,000 for purchasing materials, tools, supplies
  • Exhibition catalogue
  • Flight tickets (economy class) and accommodations (meals included),
  • Other necessary tools and many more.
  • Seoul tour opportunity:
  • Free accommodation will be provided while all days (meals excluded)

※ The ownerships of the work and their images will belong to World Youth & Culture Foundation.

  1. Phone: +82-2-829-0202
  2. E-mail: gyuhyoung_kim@daekyo.co.kr
  • Hosted by : World Youth & Culture Foundation, Daekyo Culture Foundation
  • Organized by : World Youth & Culture Foundation, CROWN HAITAI ART VALLEY
  • Sponsored by : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism , Ministry of Foreign Affairs