Message from the Chairman

Honest education and a sincere world

We will open the doors to a hopeful future.

Greetings from the Daekyo Culture Foundation.

Unlike the past when physical resources mattered the most, we are now living in an age when human resources, or talents, determine a country’s national competitiveness.
As cultivating people of talent came to play a pivotal role in economic growth, our society is now faced with the task to provide the platform where students can demonstrate their skills and talents.

To fulfill its mission as an educational institution, Daekyo Culture Foundation has been contributing to the society by making a commitment to develop the potential of each individual through education and thus create new cultural values.

Daekyo Culture Foundation will continue to encourage students who strive to realize their dreams by shedding light on the values that each and every one of them holds.
We believe that Korea will be better by a notch tomorrow than today, and that students who pursue their dreams stand at the center.
We will continue to support them to make sure that they remain encouraged along their journey of fulfilling their dreams.

Founder/Chairman youngjoongkang