Message from the Founder

The future that Daekyo Culture Foundation dreams of

We create a sincere world through honest education.

As a tiny seed grows into a tree and makes a thick forest,
Daekyo Culture Foundation has been sowing
seeds of education and nurturing numerous talented
youth for the future.

Daekyo Culture Foundation was established in 1991 with a mission to realize education in its true sense to keep students, teachers, and parents all happy.
Since then, it has been proactively seeking to foster a wholesome education culture with its philosophy of “Learn by teaching and teach by learning.”

We are well aware that true talents emerge from rich culture as seeds sown in fertile land bear good fruits.
With the belief that ‘all life is a piece of art and culture,’ Daekyo Culture Foundation will always remain committed to creating new values that will change and further enrich our lives.

Rest assured that Daekyo Culture Foundation will stay in the lead to foster lives embedded in culture for every individual.

Kang, Young-jung